First, we identified the problem.  We at Speedy Sites decided we wanted to supply the "mom and pop type businesses with professional sites to "compete" with their bigger adversaries.  Whether you might be a small business, restaurant, bar, entertainment, etc; we want to help you give you the look of a professional establishment.  Most of the "small" businesses haven’t even thought of the possibility of having a website.  Some might already have a website or the capability of building their own website and if so…… well, let’s not waste our time.  Unless of course, you are looking for a new site with a professional look!


The benefits of having a website are HUGE!  First, you will be listed on GOOGLE.  I pulled the recent reports from GOOGLE and last month there were 45 million (yes million) searches for “restaurant”.  There were 16 thousand which included “local restaurant” searches.  What also happens with GOOGLE is it identifies the IP address of ANYONE who searches restaurants and such so it KNOWS the location of the person who is performing the search online.  This means if someone is searching “Italian Restaurant” or “take out Chinese” or anything related to businesses which that person is looking for.  It will FIRST pull up locations near that person.  Meaning if I search “Mexican Restaurant” it’s not going to show me a restaurant in on the other side of the country.  Make sense?  Try it yourself.

This is a new age and EVERYONE needs to have a website, no matter how small or large you are.  The cost of being on the internet is SO cheap and at the same time it’s SO beneficial.

Returning visitors may want to refer someone else.  Returning visitors may want to recall something about you.  Someone may already have an idea of the restaurant and want to see what you have to offer.  Simple questions can be answered online and thus no need for a phone call and  “wasting your time” on the simple matters.

Coupons can be offered and printed offline.  This will create a feedback of business you are bringing from the internet.

Etc., etc., etc.


We will register the company with Google for easy searching and absolute location using Google Maps.   This will help get your site/restaurant to the top of the results. 


Websites can cost as much as $50k for a website if you wish.  We are aiming for the small business and thus we are building a “simple” website at a great cost.  The cost is $500.  You can’t get cheaper for the kind of look and "free" information you can bring to the public.  We are going to deliver a professional website in a timely manner and we are going to get the information out there about their business in a cost effective way. 

The $500 will buy a years worth of the website.  We will have a yearly fee of $50.  Yes, this is the ONLY "hidden fee".  We want to continue to provide you service through out the ENTIRE life of your business.  This is to maintain the domain and ownership (we have to buy as well as the server hard drive space which hosts your website).  We will always be at the ability to update the website throughout the life of the website as the customer sees fit.  Obviously, this can not include redesigning the site but rather implies changing up the menu if it were to change, moving locations, mostly changing up the verbage on the site.  Make sense?  We can make these changes over night and immediately.

If after a year, you determine the website is not effective for yourself, we’ll take it down and record a copy of the website on a disk, should you ever decide to proceed again.  No hard feelings.  I think you will find this will never be the case.  It's simply too cost effective

We will accept PAYPAL payments and checks made to "Speedy Sites 4 Less". (with a few days to clear before starting).

Needed from Customer (but not necessary)

Obviously the more information we can get from your business the better.  However, we can fill in the gaps where you might want us to use our creative thinking.

Pictures of the business to upload to website
Product Information
About Us Information (history of business, mission statement, etc.)
E-mail address for contact (if necessary.  We can supply them with professional email i.e.
Business Address
Phone Number
Fax (if desired. May run risk "junk" blasts)

Domain Name

We will have to work together on this to find the best domain name which works for them.   Here is a good domain to see what is available.

We can discuss over the phone in real time to find a domain name right then OR we can work on deciding that later.  (Follow the link and try it for yourselves.)  We always suggest the .com just because everyone is familiar with it and it’s the most common BUT the .biz .info and .net is not bad if the .com is already taken.


Obviously, we are looking to build the $500 websites and we want to deliver the website within 3 to 4 business days.  Here are examples of what a website would look like at that cost and the kind of professional website we will deliver for that cost.  Obviously, once we get the business information and such we will take the liberty of designing the website with our own unique look.  EVERY website will have it’s own unique look.


Simple FLASH can be done.

We CAN design more in depth websites should it be desired.  Here are a few examples of other websites built, of which, we would have to work out the additional cost.  (shopping cart)

Anything beyond the basic  CAN ABSOLUTELY be done!!  We simply need to get all your ideas and we can calculate the additional cost and get back with you.  But to do something like the with a shopping cart for online commerce can be done for around $2k, just to give you an idea.

Make up of a Website

All the pages below can be renamed, removed or we can add on in replace of others, should you have other ideas.

Pages - HOME

What we want the customer to see front and center.  Pictures of the store front, pictures of the product.  Bold statements.  Links to other pages, etc.


We will build a contact form so customers can send messages online.  We can set up an NEW email for this to deliver to OR we can have these deliver to the customers existing email address.  If a computer is set up at the location we can set up the new email there.


Mission statement, history of the business, ideas, etc.  Anything the customer may want here.


Menu – We can show pictures of dishes, show prices (if desired) and any other info the customer may want.


We will show company information here, address, phone number, etc.  And use google maps to show a location so customers can find you easily.  Any special notes about how to get there can be added here.

News & Events


"If you don't have a website, you're losing business"



"Level the playing field between large corporations and yourself."