Mission Statement

It is our goal at Speedy Sites 4 Less to provide small businesses with professional and affordable websites. 

The starting cost of websites equivalent to what you are seeing here at www.speedysites4less.com is $500.  It is our desire to work with each and every customer through a series of conversations and brainstorming in order to meet their needs at no extra cost.  It is our goal to translate their unique business through their online website.

Only when extreme needs have to be met will when have to add an additional cost.  Those might include detailed FLASH animation, online commerce shopping carts, special user interactive forum/forms, etc.  In these cases, we can determine the amount of additional design work involved and quote you prices accordingly.

What does the cost include?

Domain Name Registration - Research and registration (i.e. www.yourbusinessname.com)

E-mail  - Created with unique domain name (i.e. info@yourbusinessname.com)

Website - Approximately 5 pages.  Pages could consist of HOME page, ABOUT US, CONTACT US, LOCATION, PRODUCT, etc and can be fit or adjusted per customer need.  Research and collaboration with design team.  Phone conversations.  Pictures uploaded as necessary (store front, photo's of product, etc.).  An overall feel and look of your store should be created to match the look of your website.

Google Listing - Register the site with google.  Upload location, phone numbers, store hours, etc.  Build google ranking and thus increase  search result strength (i.e. local restaurants, etc.).

Annual Fee

In order to keep your domain name registered and hosting space available, a yearly fee of $50 will be assessed.  The yearly fee includes customer support year long.

Customer Support - We understand your business will change.  We will keep your site up to date with your business plan as needed.  (i.e. menu price changes, location, or any other type of online verbage). 

Please note: This does NOT include a redesign of the website and overall look.  This can be negotiated if desired.

Please contact us contact us for more pricing options.

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